A Stand For Life

The time has come and I can remain silent no longer. Here I stand with my voice to speak for those who can’t speak yet. To stand up and speak out, unafraid of upsetting or offending because the person who fears God, fears NOTHING else and God, the Creator and Sustainer of life is angry.

Why can’t we realise that abortion is a nother word for murder?

Why is it okay in our culture to murder and kill those who have no say in the matter?

Why are the commands of God, thrown out the window for the sake of choice?

Here are some startling statistics regarding abortion.

The facts are sobering and frightening when we stop to think of God, the Creator of life, watching his creatures, and the works of His hands being silently murdered and all packaged up in a big box of choice neatly tied up with a big pink bow of being nice to women.

It’s not okay to choose death over life because God says “do not kill”. It’s an imperative command not a suggestion for us to decide to adhere to and those who fail to recognize the dangers of disobedience to God will not be ok.

There are consequences to actions.

An “unwanted” pregnancy is not an acceptable reason for murder.

A rape is not an acceptable reason for murder.

Fear of parents is not an acceptable reason for murder.

Not knowing how to take care of an infant is not an acceptable reason for murder.

There is NO acceptable reason for murder.



Because God says so.

It’s really that simple.

So, if you do things and end up pregnant……

Find a way to make it work. Find a loving home if you feel like you can’t properly provide one for your child.

Reach out and do not be afraid.

Abortion is for cowards.

Jesus says, “fear not.”

Self murder is a permanent solution to a temporary problem and so is abortion. Pregnancy is not forever. Babies grow. Things will change and before long, that life you didn’t want will be the life you didn’t know you couldn’t let go of.

New name

Hi friends!! ❤️

My new name is actually not new because I use it on all my social media platforms. Vivjoywriter is now my current blog name and for those who don’t know Joy is actually my middle name (thanks mama)!!

Joy is not the same as happiness…it’s so much more. It’s a deep peace regardless of outward circumstances that God gives to us as we journey through life. Joy can be felt on a mountain top or in a cancer clinic. Joy can be given at the worst of moments because Joy is God’s heart pouring peace upon us at any given time and in His providential way.

Do I have Joy? Joy after being diagnosed with a progressive autoimmune disease? Joy after losing my husband of 24 years to a deadly brain tumor? Joy in the bringing up of four kids by myself?

I can honestly say YES!! But this Joy isn’t from me being happy or keeping my head in the sand and avoiding the hard things. My Joy is a gift from God. He alone gets me up out the bed. He keeps me from total despair, loneliness, heartache, and pain 💔 Because He keeps showing up..He’s always there and that my friends is exactly the Joy I’m talking about. The Joy of the Lord is my strength. The Joy in a full fellowship with Him that makes my heart burst with warmth. Jesus is experienced in our deepest suffering because that is when we fellowship with him in the most intimate way because He suffered too.

So here is my new blog name and I hope as I share my heart and God’s love with you, true Joy will be experienced together as we remember this world is not our home and who is walking with us through every trial we face. God bless you friends and keep you.

Much love,

Viv 🤗

Tennessee kitty 😺