45 thoughts on “Autumn”

      1. If you can give glory to God by writing it, then stay focused on Him 🙂 that what I work on with any posts I struggle with. It can be hard, I have a post I’ve been preparing for a month to post because I am not sure how others will take it. But God has helped me edit daily and make sure it is something that directs others to focus on what it means to be Christlike.

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      2. Amen. Yes, all glory goes to Him. I have a post I hesitate to share too but I plan on stepping forward soon. I was just now praying, that God would reveal to me what He wants me to write next. I certainly don’t want to offend but I must be honest. Hugs my girl!!🤗🤗

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      3. ❤ ❤ ❤ what God has shown me writing some of these posts is it has to be focused on Him. People have struggled with my posts on church, marriage, and baptism. All the points I make in these posts ultimately are about our relationship with Him first, following scripture, and being an example of Christ. Tough issues are hard to hear. Even when we try our best sometimes people misunderstand. I wrote a post last year about how we should not be passionate Christians, the focus being on when we are emotionally passionate, riled by anger orfrustration. The response I got showed people were passionate about being told not to be passionate. Lol. So after a few months I went through the comments and clarified the post focusing on if we are to be passionate it must be focused in love following the love chapter. Sometimes clarity is needed and that's ok too 🙂 keep walking with Him, He has your hand.

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      4. I agree with that. Tough issues are hard to hear because if we are honest, something was pricked in our conscience that made us feel uncomfortable. And really TR, it is the verse about powers and principalities from Romans which comes to my mind. There are lots of religions here on WordPress and many are not going to accept the truths of God’s word because there are bigger things at stake here. Battles. Spiritual ones. But we know Who wins! Thank you for taking time to write the above to me. It means so much. We are strong with Jesus leading the way. ❤❤❤

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      5. Amen, I was just going over chapter 8 today in Romans and not only is Jesus Christ our intercessor but the Holy Spirit is too. We have a protection in Him and He is guiding us. You are so welcomed! We are to encourage each other!!!

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