Healing words

There are two kinds of words; words that hurt and words that heal. We all do it. We use words like daggers cutting people down into bits with our tongues. The problem is once they pop out they can’t be permanently erased even after apologizing profusely.

When my kids were in kindergarten our curriculum had a special fun project we did to demonstrate the importance of using words for good and not evil. I would give them a band-aid to keep in their pocket. Then I instructed them to give it to someone else who was sad, hurt or upset. We used the visual band-aid to demonstrate the deep importance of using healing words, like the band-aid helps to heal hurts, so the words we use can heal, restore and bring balm to the broken. They loved it, (especially when I had Spider Man band-aids) because in their 6 year old minds, band-aids always make the boo boos better.

Words are very powerful things. The sticks and stones rhyme can not be farther from true, because physically words can hurt us, since our emotions and bodies are so intermixed.

We have a choice; we can choose to use our words to heal, like band-aids or hurt like daggers. It’s not easy controlling our tongues but with God’s help through prayer and a heart that desires to honor God in all we say, we can choose to use words that heal and in the process those healing words will be balm to our own souls too.

Much love and blessings,


Author: Viv

I'm a TBI warrior whose hope and strength comes from God.

48 thoughts on “Healing words”

  1. Amen!! Amen!! I Strongly Agree!! May we allow the Holy Spirit to speak the Words of love in Truth. Many that yet not know the truth. But we pray that they will know that Jesus Christ loves them Unconditional, that He cares, and we care as well. Thank you Sister for sharing. ((Hugs)) Shalom!! Agape!! πŸ™‚

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  2. Dear sweet, Viv!
    I am glad to see you are at least improving enough to post again. Powerful…powerful post and oh, how Satan LOVES to provoke us to use our tongue for harm and not healing! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.
    Are you up for a visit? I would love to see you and your children and learn more about what has happened to you health wise.
    Also, what’s going on with your mom? I miss her. Please tell her hello for me.
    Think of you often and those sweet years we all spent together. Much love!

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    1. Thank you, Angie. Mom says to call her sometime soon. If you don’t have her number I will send it to you in a private message.
      – J β˜ΊπŸ€—β€


  3. Amen, Amen! What a precious activity! I love it. The power of the bandaid! I didn’t realise how truly powerful they were until the other day. I mean I’d seen what I thought was placebo power whenever I put one on a child who mediately stopped crying but I hadn’t experienced it myself. Last week I was quietly crying at the washing machine. Escaping the family. Someone had said something very hurtful to me and as the person who is meant to be training her not to say such things, I allowed myself ‘momentary despair’, before pulling my faith together! And as I did, my 3 year old arrived.
    He said, ‘Are you hurt?’
    I said ‘yes,’
    ‘I’ll be right back’ he said. He raced upstairs to the family first aid kit, pulled out a tiny circle band-aid and raced back down the stairs to me. Carefully he took the back off it and placed it on my forehead, as it stuck it felt like a tiny helmet of salvation. Then he took my hand and lead me back upstairs. My daughter took one look at me and burst into remorseful tears, “I’m so sorry Mum.” she said.
    How good is God? I didn’t have to do anything to fix it, just accept his Grace through the kindness of a 3 year old. Blessed are the peacemakers!
    It’s so lovely to read your words and encouragement again Viv. Bless you and, your young peacemakers too.
    So much love,

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    1. hi Lauren I am speaking into my phone and it is converting my words into text because I am unable to read or type at the moment this was absolutely beautiful moment that you had with your children sorry if my words are not space and punctuated but the talk-to-text is not very good I have been missing you for a long time and was wondering if we could be Facebook friends if you have a Facebook account then we can connect on messenger and I can do you voice messages that way we can talk and share if you are interested my Facebook name is Vivian Joy much much love

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