Romans 8:1 ❀

Romans 8:1

There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

Much love,

Viv πŸ€—

Author: Viv

I'm a spoonie mom whose husband is fighting glioblastoma diagnosed 3/25/21. πŸ™

33 thoughts on “Romans 8:1 ❀”

  1. Such a wondrous verse! I have thought back to Romans 8:1 again and again when in need of comfort & reassurance. It is simply amazing that our Lord has forgiven ALL our trespasses against Him β€” every sin from the past, present, and into the future!

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    1. I have been studying 31 verses about abiding in Jesus and this was one of them. It struck me that if we are abiding in Jesus, our sins are forgotten and when God looks at us, we are covered by the righteousness of Christ instead. It is very comforting and quite reassuring. Thank you Emma and God be with you. β€πŸ€—

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      1. Yes!! I am so glad that I have been covered with the righteousness of Christ! It sure is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? πŸ’œ

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  2. I heard that quote from Corrie ten Boom at a conference I went to this weekend! I love the wit that woman was gifted with an how she used it to proclaim truth.

    Thank so much for sharing this reminder! What a precious promise of God! ❀️

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    1. Hi Olivia! I’ve been blessed by Corrie Ten Boom’s words and writings too. I have created an entire board on Pinterest with her quotes. They are encouraging. β€πŸ€—

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    1. Yes! This verse has been on the front of my mind recently as I struggle with various things and God keeps reminding me of this truth. He wants us to find joy in this truth. God bless you always my friend and thank you!πŸ’–πŸ€—

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    1. Oh yes indeed! Her movie, The Hiding Place was such a blessing to my life. Not easy to watch but the message was powerful. Thank you for stopping in and reading today! Love you!! ❀❀❀

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