For years I went with an undiagnosed brain injury that almost ended my life in 2016/2017. The months following my close shave left my brain unable to understand or process the changes taking place in my body. My brain couldn’t even form relevant questions to ask my doctor that a uninjured person would find easy to articulate. Over the last two years, I’ve done a lot of research and studying of the human brain and nervous system. My determination for answers regarding why my body nearly shut down was and is the driving force behind all my extensive studying.

My prayers have been that God leads me to someone else who has also experienced near death due to nervous system collapse.

Yesterday my mama related to me having met a young lady in a wheelchair while she was at her chiropractic appointment who told Mama of her health journey. This lady mentioned having five kids, and a central nervous system issue/disease (I’m not clear on that) that almost shut her down because she had entered into the dreaded unhealthy parasympathetic state. I have never met anyone who had gone through the same horrific trial and couldn’t believe my ears! In 2017, after an extensive hair analysis test, results came back stating my nervous system was indeed in the parasympathetic state known as the “rest and digest” state of the body. This state can be good but in extreme cases the unhealthy parasympathetic state is dangerous which indeed I was in. The two branches of our autonomic nervous system, sympathetic and parasympathetic, work together to keep us alive. My sympathetic was pretty much gone and my body was struggling hard to stay alive in the parasympathetic state.

This lady was probably more far gone than I was because she had lost the ability to swallow. But here is the good news: she started going to the same specialist as I am and now she too is recovering!!

This news is so hopeful and encouraging to me as I’ve not encountered anyone who nearly kicked the bucket from nervous system collapse. Or who has gone through these cranial adjustments either which is not very well known of.

I want to meet her. I’m thinking of leaving a note for my doctor to give her so she can contact me. I know with doctor/patient confidentiality it may not work but I hope so. God may indeed use this lady to give me some much needed answers!

Much love,


Author: Viv

I'm a spoonie Blogger grieving the loss of my husband who went home 2/13/22.

42 thoughts on “Answers”

    1. Thank you so much. I’m praying about meeting this lady. She’s a fighter and I hope what I learn from her can bring insight to many as to the nervous system. It truly has meaning when we can share and relate. Much Love! ❤🤗

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  1. That’s a really lovely idea to leave a note with your doctor to give her. Wow! What are the odds, right? It has to be a God thing that you heard about this lady. 😊 ❤

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    1. Yes, I am thinking of the verse about the Lord directing our steps in Proverbs. I pray I can get in touch with her, and that she wants to connect too. ❤❤❤❤


  2. Hope is a wonderful thing and keeps us going. Sounds like God is making a way for you. It will be exciting to see what this might bring. Please keep us informed. Praying for you always, sweet friend. Blessings, Viv!

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    1. Very true Cindy. 😚 We cling to Jesus our hope and pray for healing in His name and patience for answers. I will certainly update this post as I continue to learn. Much love!❤🤗🙌

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  3. I am currently cataloging a book that might be really good (about TBI). Just wanted to share it with you: Mindstorms by John W. Cassidy. I’m thinking about getting a copy for mom and I to read.

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    1. Marci! How I’ve missed you! Thanks for sharing this book with me. I would like to read up on it as it may help explain what’s happened to me. How are your mom and you doing?❤


  4. Reblogged this on Sharing some Information and Thoughts on Head and Brain Injury and commented:
    Hi Viv
    Hope you’re keeping well. Your mom sounds like an amazing resilient woman
    enjoy your day
    “Mr middle-muddle”

    ps to lift your spirits (if you’re having a bad day…and a “tough” time)

    Yesterday the nurse # sorted out my clothes
    “Unbelievable. Your followers on the internet would have absolutely no idea of your chaos/muddle and how you get by…daily!”
    THE SCRIPT (actual)
    “The nurse”:
    ‘I never get all the help from others , that you get’
    “Well that’s because of my great/irresistable charm (the looks (good) of youth may have gone, so can no longer rely on that) + you’re so boringly efficient”’
    The nurse:”NO – It’s because you’re so useless and helpless; so people feel sorry for you and do it all for you.
    Anyway, it’s easier for them to do; otherwise it’ll be more work for them cleaning up your mess(es).”
    “The nurse” is very much a “go to person”… but she says I’m the “run away fast (very) from man”!
    ‘mr middle muddle”


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