A Shut-in Lament


My country tis of thee

Why go so hurriedly?

No time to sit and chat

While doing this and that

We take no one to heart

With our dear time, won’t part

Listening on the run

Or living just for fun

Barely keeping in touch

We’re back and forth too much

Never stopping to rest

Or wish people our best

Someday we’ll sit and weep

When loved ones fall asleep

We can’t by email go

To say a quick “hello”

Or text our deepest love

To those who’ve gone above

All will be lonely then

And we’ll miss what may have been

So ends this sad lament

Vexation is all spent

God help our freedom’s child

Slow down and stay a while

This thoughtful poem was sent to me,

To post on my blog anonymously.

Much love,