Something Beautiful

When we surrender to God, letting go of the dreams, aspirations and all that’s believed would bring happiness, in a sense it’s like a resigning to oneself. Like a tiny seed being carefully put in the ground, and seemingly forgotten. Covered up by the dirt, and remaining still in the cold, darkness, and dampened soil. Then, taking deep root into the soil, delving into the word of God, allowing the shoots of grace to form life into our souls. We become uncomfortable as we grow, but then after the Spirit waters us, we form a leaf, then a bud, and finally a flower that begins to slowly open, turning it’s face up towards the sun. It’s a living for Him which is the only way we can truly grow and transform into something beautiful. It’s because God plants us into the exact ground He has called us, and it’s only there we can grow.

Much love,

Viv 🌱