Baby Steps

Hello my beautiful blogging family. I pray you are all well and safe. 🤗😷

I’m continuing to slowly heal. The pace of healing is not anywhere near what I would like it to be, however I am seeing positive signs and focusing on them instead.

I guess it’s the walking that’s gotten me down both literally and emotionally. My legs feel very sluggish and they hurt. They don’t want to move much or else my whole body trembles. It’s going to take TIME as my Dr. informs me which is the challenge.

In God’s good timing, I’m just going to have to take baby steps and allow my nervous system to rejuvinate and heal slowly.

I’m praying for patience. This road is very windy with lots of bumps and potholes and yet with our God all things are possible.

He is near. He is good and He is in control.

Much love,

Viv 🤗

~And Jesus answered and said unto them, have faith in God. Mark 11:22

Wearing the mask my daughter sewed for me when I go to my appointments.

Out Of Order

Dear friends,

Unfortunately, due to severe neurological issues, I will not be able to post on my blog for some time. The more I am on any type of screen, whether phone, tablet, or computer, the harder it is for my eyes and brain to cope. I need to allow adequate time for them to heal. I hope to be back to blogging once I’m feeling significantly better, but I don’t know when that will be. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Much love,

Viv 💚🙏