Update on Rebekah

Rebekah has been admitted into the hospital after being taken to the ER. She is not doing well and I’m wondering if it’s due to the fact that she too has been battling a chronic illness for quite a while. She is very scared and I am asking this community to please continue to pray for her as she battles this COVID beast. Please pray for healing, strength and for God’s comfort.

Thank you.


Update On My Mom

What’s up everyone, this is Julia, editor in chief of my mom’s blog. I thought it would be helpful for you all if you knew the whole scoop on the eye problems my mom is having.

She has been experiencing issues with her eyes for almost three weeks now. She is unable to read words on screens or in books because it irritates her eyes and makes her nauseous. Her doctor told her this past Monday that her brain is tired and needs a rest. Therefore she will be taking a short period of time away from her blog to recover and hopefully heal her eyes. There are still some unpublished posts she has that I can post during the interim of her healing. I will be taking the comments she receives from now on, whether I respond to them myself, or write the replies she dictates to me. She is asking you all to be in prayer for her, and she greatly appreciates all the prayers that have already gone up on her behalf. Hopefully this is an affliction that can be mended in time.

Peace out, my friends.