Thank you

Today was a milestone day in the blogging world for me. Instead of saying my blog has reached 100 followers, may I instead say that it has reached over 100 supporters, encouragers, and friends.

That’s how I feel about you lovely people.

Going through this process of opening up my heart using words so that others can be encouraged has heaped encouragement upon my soul immensely. I’ve gained so many friends here who love on me, support me, encourage me, and pray for me without hesitation.

It’s been so utterly amazing, these deep connections gained through blogging, and I am honored and humbled beyond words….

Thank you and God bless each and every one of you.

Much love,


Most recent of my beautiful daughter and me. She helps to edit my blog as my TBI has affected certain writing skills of mine such as…. spelling. ;P

P.S. When my daughter edited the above comment, she informed me that I had spelled the word ‘spelling’ with three Ls.

Case and point, everyone.