Thy Will Be Done

Most of my blogging family has heard about my beautiful mom’s recent stroke. Early September Mama suffered a mild stroke which damaged her right hand and impaired her speech. I am so thankful that she is okay for it could have been far worse and as my friend Dee said, “we could be having a different conversation right now.” God has been so good in how she received urgent care right away due to our doctor (DC) seeing the signs and advising my dad to get her to the hospital right away. (Mama and I have the same chiropractor.)

Mama is getting physical and speech therapy in home which is great due to her already being mostly homebound from cerebral palsy. I’ve written here about my mama’s health condition which has gotten doubly challenging from her stroke. Please pray for my parents and my mama’s therapies to continue to help her and that God continues to uphold them during this trial.

Much love,


Last summer: mama, me and Auntie Jo.

Pleased to Announce!

Hello WordPress family! It is my privilege and honor to inform you that our very own Renee Greene has had a story published in the newly released Chicken Soup For The Soul which was in stores as of August 11, 2020!!! 👏👏👏👏

(((Round of applause please!!😃)))

This is a huge deal and quite an accomplishment for Renee. I happily received her signed book two weeks ago and tore into the package so fast looking for her name in the Table Of Contents! 😂😍 The story she wrote in this series “Listen To Your Dreams” was written so beautifully and deeply touched my heart and left a big lump in my throat as I’m sure it will many, many others.

Renee Greene@hearttokens

Although Chicken Soup For The Soul books are not considered Christian, they have many Christian contributors like Renee who write stories while sharing their faith. These short stories are heartwarming and perfect for people who love to read but lack ample time to be able to.

I’m happy and thrilled for this huge success, Renee. This blessing from the Lord is a gift to futher encourage your gift of writing. I look forward to seeing you in print again and again!❤

Be sure to congratulate her over at heart tokens and show her some loving support!🙌👏✍❤💘

Much love,