The colors of hope

The following post was written on February 25th just two days before my husband’s brain tumor was discovered. I’m just now able to publish it.

Raising awareness of many illnesses that are diagnosed is a crucial part of helping to bring hope to a community. We use colors of the spectrum to show how we support and acknowledge the cause of awareness which brings so much comfort to those who suffer. I have two brave friends who have bravely fought the scary color pink. Many more, myself included, struggle to heal with the vibrant TBI color green. I know a few beautiful ladies who battle purple which waves bravely as it fights chronic illnesses. My very own grandmother wore the purple hues of lupus for many years. But there is a new color I see now. A color I too am currently aware of as blending into the fabric of my days. It was the color of my favorite oversized BUM Equipment sweatshirt I wore as a teen. The color of my husband’s favorite polo he wore to church almost every Lord’s Day. The color of sunrises, and sunsets that give each day’s start and end rays of hope. The color of the kingly butterfly which soars into the sky every summer to keep our heads and eyes looking up. Today God is giving me hope as I wear this color. And today I’m wearing….

The color orange.

Friends, after 4 MRI tests, I have been diagnosed with a significant case of relapsing-remitting MS. The amazing MS specialist believes I’ve been suffering from it for over 5 years now, along with the difficulties of post-concussion syndrome. I’m so thankful that God heard my cries for help and answers. It’s a tough diagnosis but at least we know the core of what’s been wrong and why my health issues are worsening. Because I went so long undiagnosed or treated my MS has progressed to RRMS which has effected my ability to walk and my vision. Please pray for my family as we have a lot to think about and process as we carry on in our journey together.

I woke up a few mornings ago with these verses on my heart. Romans 8:28, Proverbs 3:5-6, Jeremiah 29:11. God is so good.

I love you all.

Viv 🦋

Thy Will Be Done

Most of my blogging family has heard about my beautiful mom’s recent stroke. Early September Mama suffered a mild stroke which damaged her right hand and impaired her speech. I am so thankful that she is okay for it could have been far worse and as my friend Dee said, “we could be having a different conversation right now.” God has been so good in how she received urgent care right away due to our doctor (DC) seeing the signs and advising my dad to get her to the hospital right away. (Mama and I have the same chiropractor.)

Mama is getting physical and speech therapy in home which is great due to her already being mostly homebound from cerebral palsy. I’ve written here about my mama’s health condition which has gotten doubly challenging from her stroke. Please pray for my parents and my mama’s therapies to continue to help her and that God continues to uphold them during this trial.

Much love,


Last summer: mama, me and Auntie Jo.