A Great New Read 📚

My dear friend Kim has recently published her second book called Learning to be Content now available on Amazon!!

Those of us with chronic illness are no strangers to intense suffering on a regular basis. Kim writes out of her own painful experiences using scripture filled truth from how believers can gain contentment while in the depths of suffering. Her book offers so much comfort and hope that I look forward to re-reading it again!

Here’s a glimpse of truth from her book:

The faith that trusts in Jesus’ sacrificial death as payment for sins is the same faith that humbly looks to God in all circumstances.

Kim’s book has amazing interactive questions following each chapter which would be perfect for small groups or Bible studies for everyone!

Each chapter will bring blessing to your life and help you draw closer to the Lord as you grow in godly contentment in Him.

Here is the link to purchase her book!

In case you missed it, here’s her first book!

May God bless you as you gain deep comfort from this wonderful book!

Much love,

Viv 🤗

Good News! We Found Work!

Dear readers, my husband secured a job this week at a company close to our home. We praise God for this blessing and for easily opening up this door for our family. We only went without income for seven weeks and yet, so many of you loved on us tangibly which warmed my heart, and helped greatly. I’m blessed beyond words to have such a supportive community here on WordPress……who are my family of brothers and sisters in the Lord.

The last seven weeks have had spiritual ups and downs for sure. While I remained hopeful, I do admit at times I pretended to be okay when I wasn’t. I didn’t want to depress my dear readers or show the community a lack of stability. Maybe I should have been more real as I’ve always been when writing of my brain injury but I felt myself closing up and going into survival mode once again. It’s a bad habit of mine……pretending to be okay while probably obvious to others that I am not. God’s working on me here. I want to be a blessing to this blogging community and not scare anyone away with my messy existence. Yet, I’m learning that showing our weakness always reflects how strong Jesus is and ultimately brings glory unto His name. He is teaching me daily through His word how to remain faithful to Him through not just what I say or do but also in how I think. Our thoughts are important because they reflect what’s in our hearts and consequently directs our actions. I’m learning to seek His face first when troubles hit me and lay my burdens down at His feet. Running to Him when the negative thought processes slam me and drag me down has been such a beautiful comfort and spares others from the domino effects of my venting.

Thank you for prayers on behalf of my family and for the beautiful ones who donated to my blog. You know who you are and I praise God for your love.

Much love,

Viv 💞