My husband never gets sick, he never gets colds, flus, or anything. My kids and I get sick and cough all over our small house but Mark……he never gets sick!

Until now.

After 4 and 1/2 hours of a diagnostic brain biopsy we have the dreaded diagnosis. Glioblastoma. Until just recently I couldn’t even pronounce the word and now it’s all I think about. This aggressive cancer is mean and nasty with a grim outlook due to high mortality rates. The prognosis for my beloved is not what anyone can handle hearing. 12 months. That’s all we’ve been given which is more generous than the 6 month life expectancy they gave him if we’d chosen to not pursue treatments.

So we fight. My hubby is a fighter and I am too. We’re not going down without one and we’re certainly not giving up. Yes, glioblastoma is a hard reality but our days aren’t numbered by doctors. God numbers our days. God knows the outcome. God is in control.

Since writing the above there are some changes…..

We’ve made a decision to get another opinion at Duke in NC. Please pray for us! The team at Duke specialises in brain tumors and are known nationwide for their advancements in brain tumor research. We are at peace knowing God is leading us there. And we continue to hope.❤

Much love,



I never thought I’d write a post like this but here I am, writing to inform my blogging family that I’m going through a severe crisis right now. On Feb. 11, I was diagnosed with a significant case of relapsing-remitting MS. This came as a bitter-sweet relief for me to finally receive answers as to why my condition is progressing. Then on the 21 of Feb. my beloved husband started acting very differently. He seemed excessively tired and as each day went by more and more confused and almost childlike. On Feb. 27th I had my brother get him to a doctor who sent him over to the ER for a head CT scan. A large mass showed up on his brain but they sent him home along with instructions to call oncology asap. 😲 He rapidly declined over the next day so I had him taken by ambulance to the hospital March 1. He was in ICU for 4 days, had a brain biopsy and was released to rehab last Wed, the 10th. We are still awaiting results from his biopsy.

I’m not able to say just how hard this has been but I can say that God is holding me up and I have loads of support from friends and family. If you wish to stay in touch for updates you can find me on Facebook or email me at

Much love,