Purr Love

Whiskers twitching, sniffs the air

Cat smells something’s cooking there

Door cracks open, swift as light

In runs Katniss smells delight

Chicken roasting in the oven

Scents of poultry she’s been lovin’

Nows the chance she’s waiting for

Dropping gizzards on the floor

Gizzards, gizzards, lizards, yum

She does eat lizards just for fun

Spoiled rotten mama cat

We dote on her since losing Jack

Mama cat so brave and smart

Purring love into your heart

Treats, and treats, and treats galore

We’re cuddling Katniss more and more

Written by Vivian Joy, June 2019.

Home Is Where The Dog Is (And Cat)

I want share with you some cute pictures and stories of my very own cuddly fur babies!!

My six-year-old Maltepoo, Molly (Moo Moo), my grey tabby Momma cat, Katniss, and her son Jack.

These aren’t just ordinary pets, they’re therapy! Sadly my husband is allergic to cats (asthma) so they stay outside mostly but come into the kitchen for meals.

Moo Moo is hypoallergenic and stays inside mostly which is awesome. She made months of my being bedridden more bearable because not once did she leave my side.

Molly as a puppy with my oldest daughter

Don’t get me wrong, she’s not an angel (who is?) and she is a very clever stealer of food scraps left on the table. Sometimes when she wants attention she will cut loose on my bed dead center! That’s not fun to remedy as I just purchased the new bedspread I waited years for.

She has an extremely loud bark which scares the mailman and acts crazy when company comes with her high energy jumping, shaking, and yips.

But even so, I’m in love with this little fluff ball of super bad cuteness. She has such a huge heart of love for people. She has also taught me what unconditional love truly is. Dogs are God’s gift because they show us just how easy it is to only love conditionally, yet their unconditional love mirrors God’s love in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.

Molly is a total mama’s girl since my husband doesn’t share as much enthusiasm for little yappy pooches. He just likes big old well-behaved labs with low energy that don’t piddle on his pillow (true story).

Fun dog fact: Most dogs have the maturity of a two year old toddler and can understand approximately 250 words and gestures.

Most recent of Molly, the black spots around her eyes have faded.

Katniss, (yes, I named her after the heroine of The Hunger Games) is our “MOMMA cat” she’s blessed us with two kitten litters in 2013/2014.

We ended up keeping a beautiful orange male from her first litter who was struck by a car a year later. That was devestating since he was my daughter’s very own chosen companion.

Jack came in the second litter. He was the runt and really kind of ugly, but there was something about him. Something I could relate to. He was so unporpotioned with huge ears, small head and body. We discovered later after taking the rest to find new homes and be adopted, that his mouth is deformed so he could not easily get enough milk from his mother therefore making him small and unhealthy looking. After he became the only nursing kitten, he plumped right up and is now a handsome, big, strong male cat.

Fun cat fact: The ridged pattern on a cat’s nose is as unique as a human fingerprint. However, cats can’t see directly below their noses. That’s why they miss food that’s right in front of them.

He’s a bit of a whiny mama’s boy and she’ll take a swat at his head quite regularly but both are great cats and gifted hunters.

I’ve seen evidences of the remains of captured or (mostly) eaten mice, moles, voles, rabbits (sniff), squirrels, birds, skinks, lizards, and large bugs. Since we live in the woods, I don’t see snakes slinking around as much as before because we have no mice on account of our cats.

Truly, a blessing but more than that. They are such pleasant relievers of stress. They love like house cats and Katniss will always jump on my lap when I go outside to read and pray. Their purrs are super loud too which I think emphasizes the amount of love given and received by us and them.

Katniss aka Momma Cat

I’m so greatly blessed by our family’s fur babies and thank God for His pleasant gifts of cozy comforts.

Jack our sweet boy

Do you own pets? I’d LOVE to hear about them. Is there one naughty quirky habit your pet does that makes you laugh or drives you nuts?

Percy (our cat killed by a car) my youngest son holding him 8 months prior.

They probably see a bird

Loads of love,


PTSD: By Any Other Name

In World War 1, it was called ‘shell shock’. In World War 2 it was known as ‘battle fatigue’. Finally during Vietnam it got it’s current name, ‘post- traumatic stress disorder’.

What exactly is this?

Here’s the definition:

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares, and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event.

Sadly, the nervous system is stuck in a flight or fright mode that leaves people with PTSD in a chronic state of nervous ups and downs, which can be debilitating.

In January of 2017, I was told by my doctor that my brain injury had also given me PTSD secondary to the injury. It was a result of the changes going on in my skull as the cranial adjustments were being performed.

My brain’s amygdala sounded an alarm that flooded my body with stress hormones, resulting in quite a bit of emotional and physical distress.

It’s gotten better lately, the anxiety isn’t as much, nightmares are improving, and I’ve noticed as I get physically stronger, I’m able to work through it more efficiently.

Some experts believe PTSD is actually a psychological injury and not a mental health illness.


Living in a fallen world means that there will be times when our minds will be greatly effected by the current circumstances we experience. It’s part of being human and it’s part of life.

There are plenty of ways to help someone we love work through PTSD, but I do believe seeking a good counselor is key.

Here are six helps we can do for ourselves or someone we love with PTSD;

1) Listen to them. Don’t bring it up unless they first initiate the subject of the traumatic event(s) and want to talk about it. A recap may bring on full blown panic attack.

2) Don’t take their emotional ups and downs personally. If they are cranky or moody, give them grace–it should pass and they will feel more secure around you than if you lectured them or told them to “get over it.”

3) Gently encourage them to do the things they love, like art, peaceful exercise (walking, yoga, swimming), gardening, meditating upon scripture, reading a novel, or watching a favorite old film.

4) GET A PET!!! I truly believe this a must for everyone with PTSD. There have been days when all I could do was sit out on my deck with my grey tabby and let her purr as I rubbed her furry little head. My five-year-old Maltipoo ( heading photo) has also brought such comfort to me, never leaving my side. Medical studies have proven that pets reduce high blood pressure and calm anxiety in owners. Plus, they’re super cute!

She purrs away as we cuddle

5) Try some juniper berry essential oil before bed. Doterra is the best. In fact, even war veterans have been cured from night terrors and nightmares while using it, and it’s certainly helped me.

6) Lastly, the blessing of praise music. Please see my link Songs of Hope. These songs got me through the toughest days and nights of fear and anxiety. I highly recommend listening to them or quiet, restful piano music.

I hope you can find a small ray of encouragement through this little blog post knowing that you are not alone. I’m still learning how to cope most days and would LOVE to hear your ideas or input.

Have a wonderful day and remember, He is holding us. 🤗❤