It’s really bad for your health

A toxin I am told

Those black specks staring on my wall

That stinky black mold

We have had so much rain

It makes me want to bark

I wonder if I should take a hint

And build a wooden ark

Growing up on ceilings, walls,

Every window sill

I need to rid our home from this

It’s making us all ill!!

I’ve tried a number of sprays

Investing in what kills

But those awful black spots

I’ll send them to the hills!

We really don’t want to bleach

It hurts my head you see

Which toxin is worse

Bleach or mold?

Both make me feel woosey

I’ve tried so many natural sprays

They have not worked the best

I really wish that silly mold

Would up and leave as guest

I’m sorry for this woeful poem

But pray I rid this from my home!

If any of you have a idea

Please comment below

And I will see ya!

~Vivian Joy, 2019


Days and nights of endless pain

Moments of reprieve

Speak so softly

Shine the hope

Some day hard times will leave

Moment by moment

Trusting God

Heart feels abundant grace

He reminds

Love never fails

His heart reflects His face

If every day, this world

Challenges my hope

I lift up tears unto my Lord

He always helps me cope

I am learning, growing, seeking

Trusting every day

Jesus is the answer

His voice will guide my way

~Vivian Joy, 2019