His Vessels

Currents of tears running free, deepest hurts spill. He has emptied, broken me, now my soul can fill.

Blessings come gently, washing away pain. Hints of grace beyond clouds. Filling soul again.

Broken tea cups, cracked, chipped, useless to world’s eye. He sees beauty perfect, whole, for vessels He chose to die.

He sees me priceless, white, pure. He views the heart now clean. Never unwanted or unloved. Ardent love from Him.

Broken tea cups, cracked, chipped, still hold substance in. Lift to lips giving forth, benedictions of His chosen.

Written by Vivian Joy

A Friend

Common interests, common dreams,

All happiness and fun.

Carefree, laughing, fancy free-

But then hard trials come.

Former interests fade away,

Dreams now crushed by pain.

Laughter’s silenced, tears speak,

Freedom turns to chain.

Where has everybody gone?

Hearts united torn.

Fickle body, broken down,

Compassion never born.

It’s hard to bear injustice,

But there is One who knows.

He is a Friend unfailing

When everybody goes.

Written by Vivian Joy