Trust: Antidote of Fear

My family and I are preparing to face the effects of Hurricane Florence barreling towards Virginia and the Carolinas, possibly making landfall Thursday. Although my family and I are inland, the course of this storm will bring torrential rains, flooding and widespread power outages.

We are no strangers to loss of power as my family and I survived 11 days without power in 100° heat during the 2012 Derecho. It wasn’t fun. Being extremely hot and having no running water because our well runs on power, wasn’t easy to bear with four small kids, but God got us through it.

He will get us through this upcoming storm too. There is nothing to fear because He is ultimately in control and will preserve, protect and give us grace to face whatever comes.

I was so encouraged by several amazing comments posted by my blogging friends on my Trust Haiku, I just had to recap. I pray whoever reads them will be encouraged to trust completely in our Lord facing whatever storms come with HOPE.

Brenda from Becoming His Tapestry said: “……..Usually it’s during pain, we find it most difficult to trust God, yet it is during this time, we actually must. Thank you”

Wendi from simplychronicallyill said: detours can be so scary…………plodding on is so very important………

Ana from momlifewithchiari said: “…..there’s nothing the Lord will accept us going through without it serving a purpose. He’s with us, always.

Sue from runwithit said: “ …...We don’t always understand the paths God takes us on, because we can’t see the Big Picture. We don’t understand his timing, either. But, he has a plan and a purpose for it all. We just have to wait on him and trust Him no matter what comes our way…..

Please pray for me as I try to “rough it” toughing it out along with my other TBI issues which can make me feel vulnerable. Thank you. Much love!!