Come Pray With Me

As a community of believers, it’s a huge blessing to be able to go before the throne of Grace with petitions to our Savior Jesus for one another.

As a result of being mostly homebound, I have more time as I rest to pray and talk to God about the needs of my blogging family.

Please share your requests in comments below. Feel free to share only as much as you are comfortable sharing and pray along with others who participate here. You can keep adding new request and also updates for praise reports as we rejoice together in watching God work in powerful ways.

Much love,

Viv πŸ€—πŸ™

46 thoughts on “Come Pray With Me”

    1. Hi Richard! Yes! This is my second attempt to create a prayer request page on my blog. I tried before but couldn’t figure out how to enable comments on pages but WordPress support team helped me through it. I hope others will join in and can find some hope in reaching out.
      God bless you!πŸ™

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    1. I’m praying so much for you.❀ I know chronic illness is so hard, the day to day, the people who don’t get it, the setbacks, the financial frustrations, the pain, are all so overwhelming. It’s so hard but my comfort is knowing God gets it, He cares and won’t leave or forsake us. Big hugs Wendi! And lots of love! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ€—

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      1. Definitely, let’s pray now…..

        Dear Heavenly Father,

        In Jesus’ name we come to you asking for wisdom on behalf of Richard as he seeks reconciliation with his brother.

        Lord, we know how tricky family ties can be and how easy it is for words to be taken wrong.

        Please guide brother Richard as he seeks to bridge the gap between him and his brother.

        Please allow his brother to receive his initiation with a heart opened to fix this and restore a healthy relationship again.

        Nothing is too difficult for you and you know both brothers, how they think, how they process, and how much time they need in this specific area to recover and move forward.

        Bless them dear Lord, and may Richard’s efforts be rewarded by restoring their relationship with each other and may your name be glorified no matter what the outcome brings.

        In Jesus’ name,

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      2. Prayer Warrior family, would you please pray for my friend Martha who is 38 weeks pregnant and facing many complications. She is having injections every four hours to treat a DVT blood clot in her left leg and hypertension. They may need to go ahead and induce asap. Thank you!!

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  1. Dear Vivian, Please pray for my dad who has suffered a stroke. He was hospitalized 7 weeks and is now getting rehab at home. He lost use of his right side and his speech. Pray for my mom and siblings as they care for him at home. He is doing really well but it is a big change for everybody. Thank you so much for praying! -Karen

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    1. Dearest Karen, I’m so sorry to hear about your father’s stroke. I know how life changing and difficult this must be for you and your family. I am thankful for your mom and siblings who are caring for him. Much love!! Big hugs!

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    2. Dear Heavenly Father,
      In Jesus’ name we come before you today asking for grace and strength for Karen and her family.
      Thank you that her dad’s doing well from his stroke and for her family’s ability to be his caretakers. Thank you for the love he has been receiving from them and for the gift of being at home. Lord, I’m sure being in familiar surroundings amongst family is such a comfort to Karen’s dad after going through such a scary event. Please give him strength as patience as he is learning to use his body again and strengthen him as he tries to communicate as best as he can. Please give his wife and children your special patience and endurance to deal with so many extra things that have now become routine in their lives. We know you are good and wise and sovereign over all these circumstances and care so deeply for this dear family. Thank you for them. Thank you for their faith. Thank you for Jesus and for your promises in scripture that you will give strength to run not growing weary and walk without fainting. We ask all these things in Jesus’ name.


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  2. I’d like t’ ask you t’ pray for somethin’ that’s botherin’ me. No need to say what an’ no need for you t’ ask. I’d just ’preciate it. Thank y’.

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  3. Hi Vivian, I feel compelled to reach out to you. I too have gone through 2 tremendous life challenges that could have ended my life. I want to share with you privately some information that based on your story, could be the answer to your prayers. Please contact me.

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