My story

Welcome, my name is Vivian and I’m a TBI warrior, stay at home mom of four and wife to a great and hard-working man. As a Christian walking through the valley of brain injury and recovery, I can not stress enough how much the power of God’s strength has held me up and given me courage and hope as I recover from this. He has been a Faithful Friend to me and held me up when I could barely hold onto Him. Here is more of my TBI story;

I’m not sure which of my three car accidents gave me TBI. The first accident of 1991 was by far the worst. Two beautiful girls were killed that day, after our minivan went past the guard rail and rolled down an embankment, loaded with us six youths en route to summer camp. Our 17 year old driver spaced out at the wheel. I’m guessing that caused the most damage to my skull and dura matter, even though I walked away from that outwardly unscathed. The following two accidents gave me a pretty good whiplash, since at both occurrences, I was rear ended by larger vehicles (a church van and a suburban) than I was driving at that time. I did end up in months of physical therapy after the final accident because of back problems which never shined a light on my skull compression.
I had years of migraines, I never knew why I was so nervous and jittery, and finally in more recent years, fatigue and weakness.

In August of 2016 this undiscovered head injury started having a domino effect on my thirty-something-mom-of-four body. My neck, spine, and sacrum began to fall to pieces resulting in going numb from the waist down. We went to a chiropractic specialist who first discovered I had a head injury and in order to halt the progression of my deterioration, started doing cranial-sacral adjustments right away.

Two months into the process, my adrenal glands went into failure from severe electrolyte imbalance. After finding a medical professional that knew how to help that issue, I began to push through adjustments with slow progress. And God is holding me….

Samuel Rutherford says, ‘Whenever I find myself in the cellar of affliction, I always look about for the wine.’

I’ve suffered extensive damage to my nervous system and am pretty much homebound due to inability to physically cope with noisy, busy places and people. I’m unable to attend church very often, since my body seems to go to mush from my weakened nervous system.

I’m learning so much as I research and try out new ideas for healing. My desire is to offer the hope of Jesus and raise awareness for others. If you are reading this blog, please feel free to share your story with me and know that you are not alone. I’m greatly honored to have you join me.

This is my podcast interview to hear more from me telling my TBI journey.