My story

In April of 2018 I started this blog as a venting outlet in the hopes people would understand my health issues and in turn treat me nice. Little did I know my writing would encourage, uplift and inspire others and at that point my mission changed….it’s not about me. My blog is to help others who suffer, to encourage and to bring hope. This blog is about Jesus. This blog is meant for a haven of hope and truth that emerges from a broken cistern only God can hold together.

In February/March of this year (2021) my world was turned upside-down after receiving two very difficult diagnoses. After 6 years of health problems I received much prayed for answers as to why my condition was progressing……multiple sclerosis. Then just about six weeks later my husband was diagnosed with the deadly brain cancer glioblastoma.

This world is not our home. God wants us, He loves us! He’s not promised an easy road just that He’s with us in whatever storm we’re in. We can shine for Him even in the darkness. We can sparkle in the deep because God is with us. We are never alone and we don’t need to be afraid. All glory to God the author and finisher of our faith, the sustainer of life and our Healer.

My love to you all.



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