Brain Injury and Social Life: Isolation Hurts

I know a beautiful, amazing disabled woman who has been home bound now for a year. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as an infant and suffers from severe pain, chronic fatigue, and legs that don’t work. Her wheelchair is old and tattered but her spirits are up despite the life of isolation her disability brings. Friends flock to her for fellowship constantly and her life is full to the brim of visits, phone calls and constant interaction, yet she can’t leave her home.

I know another equally beautiful woman whose story goes the same in numerous ways yet varies immensely. Her disability is a severe neurological disease that gives her constant seizures, migraines and nervous system dysfunction. On top of that, she suffers from numerous stomach and kidney problems that keep her in horrific pain every day. Lights from the computer screen worsen her seizures greatly so she is cut off from all social media, her main channel of socialization these days. She can’t get out much at all anymore and only sees her husband and dog daily because visits or phone calls literally hurt her head. She knows isolation.

Since healing from a brain injury has cut me off from most of the world, I can now relate to those powerful woman who have touched my life.

My eyes hurt if I’m on my phone or tablet too much. The blue light makes my brain and head hot or feel intense pressure. Phone calls are difficult because my head can not tolerate the noise and if I don’t keep conversations brief, I go into nervous system overload. Church is the hardest. There are so many conversations and they are all simultaneous. The hum of voices plus people engaging me in conversations make it difficult to think. Then, if someone’s talking to me, and someone else comes along and joins in, I get dizzy and tongue tied. I begin to stutter and an alarm goes off in my head that says its time to shut up. It’s hard to be normal when my brain is acting like a sloth and can’t keep up. It’s embarrassing. Because of how hard it is to go to large social gatherings, I’m now tending to shy away from church, events, etc. and await for better days again. There will be better days ahead. Brain injury is isolating. Chronic illness is isolating. How do we cope?

I’m learning, by God’s grace, that He has given me a gift. The gift of alone time with Him. Would I have chosen this road of brain injury to achieve this gift? Probably not. No one wants a brain injury. I didn’t stand in line for it and I certainly never would. Yet, God is faithful. He cares more about my broken spirit than my broken head. I’m not saying He doesn’t care about my injury, He certainly does. What I’m saying is that He cares more about using the horrific things in my life to achieve what He sees as for my ultimate good and for the good of others. He turns a bad event like a car accident causing brain damage into something beautiful like a mother who lives more for God and less for herself and has a strong desire to share Jesus with others. Romans 8:28 says that all things will work together for good to those who love God. Does this mean all our problems will go away and life will only be rainbows and sunshine? No. It means that ultimately, God will work every event out in our lives for some spiritual good in our life or maybe in someone else’s life. His thoughts and our thoughts about life are very different. We can’t see the big picture here but He does and has promised to those who love Him, that all things, even a head injury, will someday be a good thing because we will see that He is good. Someday He will wipe away every tear from our eyes and all this sad business of sickness, injury and pain will vanish into a far and distant memory.

Back to the two women I mentioned before. The first is my beautiful mom, my best friend. The second is my mentor, a pastor’s wife and someone I care about greatly. These two women’s lives have touched others by their love for Jesus, even in their sufferings, even in their isolation. God is working out something enormously beautiful despite the pain. My prayer is that this post offers hope to the isolated one. God sees you, and He cares. You are never ever alone.

Author: Viv

I'm a spoonie Blogger grieving the loss of my husband who went home 2/13/22.

24 thoughts on “Brain Injury and Social Life: Isolation Hurts”

  1. Thank you dear one for these touching comments. Even though I know the occasion for these heart opening Revelations, I hardly know how deeply they have moved your heart to trust the blessed Savior. Thank you.


  2. Praise the Lord, Vivian!!! I really love this post! I know some people who have chronic illness, and I know others who struggle understanding God’s plan and His purpose. I think you have woven a powerful truth. I am going to share this on my community spotlight post for Inside Cup, in August, it will come out at the end of the month. 🙂

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    1. Awwww, I’m so glad! My mama and my ” mama Nora” are such treasures in my life! Wow, that’s amazing and I’m so humbled by your sharing my article later in August! Just wow!! Praise God! Thank you so very much for blessing me today.😄❤💗

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    1. TR, thank you for adding this post to your community spotlights! If my story can be a source of comfort to one person through relating in sufferings and finding hope in Jesus, I will be so delighted. I praise God for you, your heart, and your love for people that radiates Him in all you do. Your a light in my life…..and a huge sunbeam of HOPE! 🤗❤


  3. Beautiful and totally agree! I don’t have a brain injury, but chronic migraine can be an awful lot like what you describe in public situations. But He is good and through it all, He has opened doors for ministry I never would have thought about. Best yet, He has drawn me closer to Himself. May He grant you peace and joy in His presence each day.

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    1. Heather, I’m sorry for the chronic migraines. 😔 I have several close friends who suffer from them as well and yes the symptoms mirror TBI in a lot of ways. Having others to relate to can be very helpful in knowing we are not alone. And the One who loves us and comforts us reminds me everyday how much His presence in my life makes my spirit strong. Big hugs!! 🤗🤗

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      1. Absolutely true. Mine is currently under control, I’m happy to say! Knowing that He suffered pain on my behalf makes pain easier to bear for me because I know He can relate. 🙂 Hugs and healing to you!

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      2. Oh! Wonderful Heather!!😄 I’m so pleased to hear that. Yes, Isaiah 53 has been such a comfort to me in that way. God bless you. Send me a link to your blog if you can? I can’t seem to find it.😣

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      3. That’s one of my faves, too. I also love Psalm 73:26 and 2 Corinthians 4:16. And I guess I should add, when I say “under control,” what I mean is that I’ve had some headache-free days (which is very new to me! Lol!)

        Hmm, I’ll have to check the link. Here it is:

        I have some migraine-specific posts, so if you’re very bored some day and want to read, search the “Topics” for migraine on the far right. 😉

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  4. Vivian, That was absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I can relate, not because I have a chronic illness, but because I face isolation for other reasons, but I know God has allowed them in my life, and through it all, he is using me for his glory.

    I feel like he set me aside because he had a particular mission for me in this world, and so all of the hardships I faced in my life were to bring me to this point in my life where I am doing exactly what I was created to do. So, I praise him and I thank him for that.

    Keep up the good work!

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    1. Thank you Sue. Isolation isn’t fun but I know it’s right where God wants me to be. I’m so sorry you too face it but glad we can relate to one another and encourage one another. You are not alone!!! 🤗🤗 God bless you and Thank you for reaching out and commenting on my post. It means a lot to me!💖💖

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      1. It is best to be right where God wants us to be no matter what. I praise the Lord for his goodness to me in providing me such sweet fellowship with the Christian blogging community. Glad you are here.

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      2. I’m glad to meet you too Sue. I noticed your prayer request in TR’s community prayer post and will pray for you and your family. I will add you to my prayer journal as well. Big hugs!🤗💖💖💖

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  5. I get the part about the phone. I can’t even pick up the phone. I freeze, and I don’t answer the phone. Unless it’s a family member or a close friend, I don’t answer the phone. Something about knowing that there might be a business call, makes me freeze up. There has to be a solution for this. I’m sorry to hear about your injuries. But it’s good that you know when to rest. Rest is so important when you have injuries. Merry Christmas Peace

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