Colorful Striped Crocheted Blankets

Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.

~Jane Austen

Question: What does one do during quarantine and months of staying home in recovery from nerve damage?

Answer: One crochets🤣

Here are the colorful blankets I’m naming “Everything Blankets” I made for two of my kids. I’m starting a third soon.

This one is for Autumn. She wanted bright splashes of orange and bits of cream with pink the main theme. It reminds me of a sunset.

I made this one for my second to youngest boy. We used red for our main theme with blues, blacks, and yellows. I love the Native American look it has.

My neighbor gives me gobs of yarn she no longer needs which is really sweet! I love using up bits of this and that color to create gifts for my kids or whoever else I love.

Feel free to copy this pattern for your own but please don’t sell it.

Viv’s Everything Blanket


Size J 6.00MM hook

Worsted weight yarn in any color you want but choosing one specific color as your main theme.

Hint~You can throw in chunky yarns or yarns with different textures, basically “everything” works just not yarns that are too thin or wools.


● foundation: Using your main color theme and J hook chain 150 or as wide as you desire.

● row 1-3 with main color hdc in second chain from hook and in every chain to the end, chain 2, turn.

● rows 3-5 repeat rows 1-3 in complimenting color.

● rows 6-8 repeat rows 1-3 in new color.

● rows 9-11 repeat rows 1-3 in main color.

Continue repeating rows 1-11 until blanket reaches 6 feet or you run out of yarn.🤣 I change up the main colors in different textures but same colors to give the blanket more character. Just do whatever and have fun!

Vivian Joy

June 2020, All Rights Reserved

Much love,

Viv 🤓