Colorful Striped Crocheted Blankets

Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.

~Jane Austen

Question: What does one do during quarantine and months of staying home in recovery from nerve damage?

Answer: One crochets🤣

Here are the colorful blankets I’m naming “Everything Blankets” I made for two of my kids. I’m starting a third soon.

This one is for Autumn. She wanted bright splashes of orange and bits of cream with pink the main theme. It reminds me of a sunset.

I made this one for my second to youngest boy. We used red for our main theme with blues, blacks, and yellows. I love the Native American look it has.

My neighbor gives me gobs of yarn she no longer needs which is really sweet! I love using up bits of this and that color to create gifts for my kids or whoever else I love.

Feel free to copy this pattern for your own but please don’t sell it.

Viv’s Everything Blanket


Size J 6.00MM hook

Worsted weight yarn in any color you want but choosing one specific color as your main theme.

Hint~You can throw in chunky yarns or yarns with different textures, basically “everything” works just not yarns that are too thin or wools.


● foundation: Using your main color theme and J hook chain 150 or as wide as you desire.

● row 1-3 with main color hdc in second chain from hook and in every chain to the end, chain 2, turn.

● rows 3-5 repeat rows 1-3 in complimenting color.

● rows 6-8 repeat rows 1-3 in new color.

● rows 9-11 repeat rows 1-3 in main color.

Continue repeating rows 1-11 until blanket reaches 6 feet or you run out of yarn.🤣 I change up the main colors in different textures but same colors to give the blanket more character. Just do whatever and have fun!

Vivian Joy

June 2020, All Rights Reserved

Much love,

Viv 🤓

My Brain Injury Roller Coaster Ride: Damaging Effects Of Noise 🎢

March is brain injury awareness month. Fitting because this past March my TBI took a critical turn for the worse leaving me unable to walk very well, weak, and in more pain than my body was accustomed to.

My downward spiral actually began with the stress I had thrown at me last fall when my life got put back into the instability of job loss.

With the stress and worry of where would our money come from, I chose to play mommy martyr and carelessly went off my blood sugar supplements (chromium) and muscle strengthening potassium in order to save money. Bad idea….

In mid-February our neighbor decided to clear a large amount of acreage directly across the street from our house and for 5 weeks planted a massive chipper about 50 yards from my front door. The noise was so loud that at times it shook the house.

My nervous system became overloaded and my brain went berserk. The hypothalamus gland is located right where my injury is. This section of the brain regulates blood sugar. I could not get it under control. For weeks my body woke me up at night every two hours, sweating, heart racing, and crying out for food.

I then became unable to sleep.

Psalm 119:73a, “Thy hands have made me and fashioned me…”

Looking back I should have tried to go stay with a relative but by the time I was in trouble, I was way too weak to leave the house.

When we got my blood sugar stable my brain was so confused as to how to function it continued to keep me awake thinking I still needed to eat. I couldn’t recover because my nervous system (now in a dangerous overloaded mode) kept me awake sometimes for 2 days at a time and couldn’t calm down.

Brain injury is no picnic!

Because of the damage to my 10th cranial nerve, the vagus nerve, which is a parasympathetic nerve, my mouth had stopped producing saliva which made eating extremely difficult along with an upset stomach from the noise. This was hard because I needed to eat to stabilize my blood sugar but with a dry mouth I just couldn’t. Finally, once I started eating and sleeping again my body was able to begin to heal.

That’s when my legs went.

Unfortunately, my legs took a beating from the ordeal which caused my peripheral nervous system (branches out from the spine or CNS) to become damaged. The issues from my blood sugar instability was certainly a contributor to the nerve damage. My Dr. has said it may take 6-12 months for the nerves in my legs to heal. That prognosis feels like bad news but it’s not really because at least I will heal right?

My husband has found a new temp job and seems to like it well enough. We pray the company hires him on soon so he can receive good pay and health benefits.

God is still in control.

So, that sums up my “upheaval in March” as I now refer to it as and as I wait for my legs to heal I’m reminded that God only sends us trials in love. This ordeal I do believe was sent to test me. Am I going to give up? Or am I going to continue to trust the God I love knowing He is good no matter what happens to my life? I’m in His care and He will make perfect all those things which concern me (Psalm 138:8). He sees the future. I refuse to believe my decline was a random act of chance. God’s sovereign hand allowed every detail of my set back for a reason. He knows my lot. He knows what I need spiritually and physically. He’s in control of my health, and finances. He is to be trusted.

TBI is like a roller coaster ride with ups that creak along slowly, peaking for just a short time, then crashing down so fast all you can do is trust in God as you hang on and scream….weeeee!

The comfort of it is that Jesus is sitting alongside of you in that roller coaster car and you’re never ever alone. 🎢

Much love,

Viv 🙌