29 thoughts on “Whippoorwill (haiku)”

  1. This is outstanding Vivian! I love the song of the whippoorwill. I’ve actually never went by the calendar but by the first whippoorwill I hear to mark the beginning of spring.

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      1. It just seems like it belongs on something!

        Reminds me of warm days, cool nights, camping, turkey season, fishing and hiking trails. 😀

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  2. Beautiful Vivian!! Thank you for sharing. This morning I was thinking!! When I was a child and how I loved walking near the lake scream in the country, I be barefooted in the water. Listening to the bird’s singing, I would even try singing with them. 🙂 Looking at all the beautiful trees God had created as well. It was where I had gotten my peaceful rest. I would stay there almost all day until it was beginning to get night. ((Hugs)) 🙂

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    1. How lovely Betty! Reading this I could almost smell the sweet country air and hear the sound of the stream bubbling along. God gives us such beautiful gifts from nature that refresh our souls. I always feel closer to Him when outside, and I like to stare up at the clouds and think of Him my wonderful Savior. Thank you dear Betty for sharing your heart today. Christian fellowship means so much on Sunday since I’m still unable to attend church. Hugs. 🤗

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      1. Magical… just like the insects. I used to here night symphonies in North Florida when I was young but missed it since we moves to South Florida when I was 11. Now that we have moved to Romania I get to hear it again! 😬🙌🙋‍♀️

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      2. Oh wonderful! I grew up in Philadelphia, so the night symphonies consisted of loud music, traffic, sirens and shouting. So, I appreciate the south and the quiet country life especially now with a damaged nervous system. Do you like Romania?

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      1. Now I know why they are called Whippoorwill, I don’t think I’d find them restful but I imagine, if I’d grown up with them, I would. We sleep here with the summertime scream of cicada’s and it that’s like a lullaby to me, so I understand. I liked the poem. Haiku scares me, but yours is lovely.

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    1. Awww, thank you for checking in on me. Not so swift today, and very weak from lastest cranial-sacral adjustments three days ago. I usually feel “hit” the next day but this time I was hit yesterday and in recovery. Lots of pain. 😣🤢🙈🙏

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